Question: What does it cost to install my appliances?

Answer: Installs generally cost as follows – Freestanding   Single time $75 standard parts included, multiple TBD.  Built in Single item $89 Minimum, standard parts included, Multiple TBD.  Additional labor is charged at $15/quarter hour.  Downdraft Cooking is $99 minimum standard plus included.

Question: My appliance needs a new part or service call what should I do?

Answer: Call our service department (928-445-8636). Just let them know the situation and also have the model number and the serial number of the appliance in hand (This helps speed up the search process).  Keep in mind that parts for appliances that are over 15 years old will be tougher to find.

Question: How long will it take for my new appliance to Installed from purchase?

Answer: It can be as little as one to two days depending  on availability, if item is back ordered it will take longer.




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